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dollification: the process of evolving, mentally and physically, into a "living doll."
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 Post subject: Why
PostPosted: Fri Jul 06, 2012 1:13 pm 

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I’ve been reading this forum for a few years now and some of the threads have been really interesting but the past few months have felt so dead! And I don’t think that’s down to people losing interest but more a lack of people contributing… so since I’ve never actually contributed I thought I should have a go at making a, vaguely, interesting little thread.

So, here’s my random ramble of thoughts which may get some of you thinking and, fingers crossed, posting. (also, I imagine this has already been discussed on here somewhere, but I can’t find it)

Why do you want to be a doll? Or, a doll owner/toymaker/whateveryouare?

Its been talked about a lot of here as to what people want, what they’re searching to own or to become but what really interests me, which doesn’t seem to have been touched on too much (certainly in no great depth that I can find) is why dollificaiton specifically appeals to you. I guess these two questions are intrinsically linked but I do think there’s an important difference.

What is it about dollificaiton which calls to you over, say a classic dom-sub relationship, what makes you want to be/own a doll over a slave in pretty clothing? And is there a difference? Certainly for me there is but I’m not sure everyone thinks that way. Is it the extreme power exchange? If so what makes dollificaiton right for you over something more ‘mainstream’?

Obviously some things just naturally appeal more, but is there a specific element of dollificaiton which drew you in? or is it just a blend of different things?

As for me, I’m still trying to figure out exactly what it is I crave from this but I’m genuinely interested to see what other people are searching for. :)

Hope that wasn’t too long winded, im just curious about what has drawn us all to this pretty tiny niche, which to everyone else probably sounds a little weird!

(also fingers crossed that made some sense- I’m pretty nervous about posting on here!)

 Post subject: Re: Why
PostPosted: Fri Jul 06, 2012 4:04 pm 

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may46 wrote:
why dollificaiton specifically appeals to you.

The mental removal of who and what I am, no choices, no emotions, no thoughts, no conscious reactions to stimuli, nothing more than a still and silent toy for my owner to use, abuse, display and adore. Probably an extreme extension of our O/p relationship, it gives me absolute freedom from human feelings and responsibilities whilst at the same time pleasing my owner, giving him even greater control than normal and ability to increase his sadistic capacity.

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 Post subject: Re: Why
PostPosted: Wed Jul 11, 2012 4:38 am 

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my approach to dollification is mostly mental cinema,
as becoming a 95%-silicone real doll or 100%fiberglass mannequin is difficult in reality,
it is appealing by the complete and final end of any responsibility, any need to worry,
and becoming a beautiful object.

The focus in my fantasy is the transformation and its lengthy preparation
(e.g. selecting a bridal gown for the Greatest Day - the day of my final dollification),
but there is not the slighest worry about budget,
no thinking about "how to dance is such heels a whole day?",
no trouble about a hangover next day, or a fibrosis of the breast implants next year, or sagging breasts in age ...

... I'll be just a carefree object (I do not care about my environment, but I also need little care, no feeding, just sometimes dust off the doll),
and my mind is happily thinking nothing, I'm in blissful nirvana ...

 Post subject: Re: Why
PostPosted: Fri Jul 27, 2012 12:19 pm 
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First let me say that what you posted was very clear, you did a very good job of expressing your question. Second stop being nervous about posting on here, everyone may not like what a person post, but that should not stop them from saying what they need to, or asking what they want. If only one person tells you you did good then you did your best.

Now what pulled me into this, being a ToyMaster. I like to say fate, but fate only intoduced me to Dollification what keeps me here is a complexed subject. Some say that dolls are not real sub/slave(s), I disagree a doll is the purest form of submission they have surrendered all limits to another. That is one part of why I stay with dollification, not so much the dolls submission, but the result of it places me in a position of being needed, more so then a subs/slaves submission. A doll has given up all limits, even feelings with a sub I always enjoyed the feedback knowing what they liked or needed. A doll I do not have that they give no feedback they just accept everything, they need me to make every decision for them, they trust me to be kind, or understanding. That feeling of being so needed in another persons life is so, so it's hard to explain it is not the power it's the need, the feeling of being needed. Your question is a very good one and for many the reason will be very diffrent, I have many reasons why I like dolls, but the main one would be the being needed and to always check myself as an Owner, with a doll my decision wrong or right will always be right for the doll so I must use caution always so as not to betray their trust.

No principal is so noble, as there is none more holy, than that of a true obedience.

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