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dollification: the process of evolving, mentally and physically, into a "living doll."
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 Post subject: Doll types
PostPosted: Wed Nov 21, 2018 4:16 am 

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I am just opening up a discussion about different doll type. Often there are people who says that they are into dollification but really miss to say what kind of doll they are and therefor can easily be misunderstood by many. I have below tried to classify dolls into different categories. What do you think about the categories? have I missed something important? What type or doll are you?

- DOLL LOOKALIKE - A person who likes to dress as a doll and wants to look like a doll but still live a ordinary life.
- LIVE DOLL - A person who likes to dress as a doll and live in a doll-fantasy world but still move, talk and act as a normal human.
- STILL DOLL - A person who becomes a doll that does not move or talk or show any signs of being alive.
- SIMPLE AUTOMATED DOLL - Similar to a simple doll but this doll might be able to make some simple movement and repeat some simple words or phrases.
- ADVANCED AUTOMATED DOLL - A person that becomes a doll that acts and moves like a robot and will be able to move in a robotic way and might be able to talk in a robotic way.

- SEX DOLL - A sex doll can at the same time also be a still doll, simple automated or automated doll. A sex doll mainly wants to be sexually used for somebody else's enjoyment.
- NON-SEXUAL - A doll who is not into sexual activities.

Other additional types:
Beside the main type a doll can be into having a specific look and for example wants to be a Barbie doll, a Bratz doll or some other specific type of doll or just be into some specific type or gear like PVC or leather.
The doll normally also have a sex that could be male, female or transexual.
Most dolls are adult but some might want to be a baby-doll or a doll of some other age.

- DOLL CREATOR - A person who likes to be in full control of creating his human doll and able to decide what the doll will look like and how the doll will act and do.
- DOLL SPONSOR - A person who is not in control of his human doll but is willing to sponsor the doll so that the doll can create itself. The sponsor can sponsor with for example clothes, make-up and paying for plastic surgery.
- DOLL DRESSER - A person who likes to dress the doll in different clothes.
- DOLL PLAYER - A person who like to play with a human doll also other games than just dressing the doll.
- DOLL SEX USER - A person who like to have sex with a human doll

HYBRIDS - Surely many dolls and doll makers might belong to several different types.

 Post subject: Re: Doll types
PostPosted: Thu Nov 22, 2018 12:08 pm 

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For me; and you can match these up accordingly you have these main classes:

Doll Crafter:
Responsible for making or building dolls (in whatever method they see fit (transformation, body mod etc).

Doll Owner:
Interested in buying and having possession of a doll even if they are not as invested in creating their own.

Human like robots, with sentience.

Ball Jointed:
Name is self explanatory, any doll given ball joints.

Blow Up:
For a more surreal aesthetic or play form, this would be down your alley.

China Doll:
White pale skin, fragility in pure nature, intricate and detailed for those that enjoy being tended for and displayed with great care.

Clockwork / Autonomous Doll:
A doll who by steam power or gears and cogs and engineering is self sustaining and moving if a little clunky and slow.

Half human half robot, who doesn't wanna date the terminator?

Latex doll
Ether coated in dressed in Latex this doll is for fans of shiny things.

Ever wanted to be a puppet on strings?

What i see as the most "realistic" doll in terms of aesthetic (think a 'real doll').

Rag Doll:
Throw me around and snuggle me to sleep! rag dolls are good at rough and tumble!

All machine, this tin, steel or other metallic doll will always give you her heart (because you coded her too).

Like a clockwork doll, but operates on a turning key (either attached in her, or belonging to her owner) fun aesthetically for giant music boxes!

That's my list, let me know if I missed anything or leave comments on your favourite types from my list!

- Alice

 Post subject: Re: Doll types
PostPosted: Tue Nov 27, 2018 6:39 am 

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I would really like to become a full time doll for someone who would make me and mold me.

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