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 Post subject: Le Club Plastique
PostPosted: Fri Nov 21, 2008 3:44 pm 

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"It's completely safe. You never get too woozy to know what's going on."

Pamela still seemed wary. "I don't know, I've had some bad experiences with these clubs before."

"Well, all I can tell you is it's like nothing you've ever done before, and once everybody's in on it, you'll regret missing it." Mike was more earnest about this than she'd ever seen him. "They clear three grand a night!"

Pamela was impressed, she had to admit. "Okay, when is the presentation?"

"Friday night. They don't have a dress code, but something clubbish will put you more in the mood."

"Okay," she relented. "Will you be there?"

"Not for the presentation, you'll probably catch up with me later."

She took down the time and address, promised she'd be there, and hung up. The whole thing seemed weird, but not dangerous. Hell, Mike had a good eye for the coming thing; maybe she was just being too prudish.

Besides, she had come twice just from what he'd told her. And the only thing that gets her that hot had to be either really sexy, or really profitable. So either way, it'll be a nice night out.

"Ladies and gentlemen, I'd like to thank you all for attending, and welcome to Le Club Plastique." The young man was well dressed and fresh faced. "We'll start the presentation now." He thumbed a remote, the lights went down, and a model of what looked like a piece of modern art was projected on a large screen.

"What you're looking at is a model of the chemical compound that we call Plastique, after which we've named the club. This compound, and all of its chemical cousins out to 15 levels, is patented to the Silidyne Corporation, our parent company." The model rotated on two axes as he spoke. "We license the compound from them, manufacture it ourselves, and distribute it here at the club. It is currently only allowed to be taken here at the club, to reduce our liability. The club is staffed with medical professionals in case of an emergency, which…" he added hastily as he saw a hand rise in the back "I'm happy to say, has never even happened. The worst we've had is the odd bruise from people who've lost their balance and fallen over." There was some light chuckling as he continued.

"The club is divided into a number of areas. There are private rooms for those who wish to enjoy themselves alone, or with a partner or partners," he clicked the remote, and the display showed a series of several doors in a hallway. The camera tracked in one room, where there was a bed, some fittings on the wall and an assortment of sex toys in a glass cabinet. "The exhibition room…" click, and the scene switched to a large dance floor arrangement. Glass booths dotted the landscape, each surrounded by couches and chairs with deep seats and wide backs. The booths each had a metal pole like strippers use, but this one had an assortment of probes and dildos jutting out from various heights. "…Is for the use of guests who wish to be seen, but not touched, and…" Click. Another room had no booths but more couches. Not just the wide varieties from the other room, but long flat ones, more like massage or examination tables. "…The participation room. Here our guests may interact with each other freely. A guest will dose themselves, pose in the position they prefer, and if anyone should find themselves in the mood, they…get together."

"As an example of the clientele we attract, I've asked the boys to bring in Rebecca…" He motioned to the door, and two young men brought in a young woman. Literally…they carried her in on a cushioned dolly. She leaned back on it, one hand cupping her bare breast, the other fingering her sex. She wasn't moving at all; in fact she was frozen solid. "Rebecca is a regular customer, and has consented to be displayed for this presentation. She has dosed herself with Plastique, and after a brief period of limited movement, has become paralyzed. All voluntary muscle activity has been blocked. She is fully aware of her surrounding, but is incapable or responding." He waved her hand before her face, with no response. "The shiny cast of her skin is another effect of the drug. The skin tightens and grows shiny as the chemical enters the sweat glands, forming a protective coating. It flakes off once motion is possible again."

"Rebecca was masturbating as she froze, as you can see" he draws the audience's attention to her fingers. "The drug acts as an aphrodisiac, and right now, she is experiencing a very pleasant series of sensations." He stroked a finger against her breast, and the nipple drew even tighter and harder. "I said voluntary reactions…as you can see involuntary reactions are still in place." The audience was notably interested, and even Pamela leaned forward to get a good look.

"The effect last about an hour, and upon awakening she'll be able to enjoy all that's she's felt, but not been able to do anything about." He looked at his watch. "She's still got about twenty minutes left."

"Gentlemen and Ladies, you have the prospectuses, you've seen what we offer, we invite you to spend the night at the club as our guests. Our representatives will be available all evening to answer questions and arrange fund transfers for investment opportunities." The audience applauded lightly and meeting broke up. Several gentlemen went up to examine the frozen woman, some went straight to talk with the money people, but Pamela decided to visit the club proper. They had opened a short time before, and the place was filling up nicely. Several people with small glass vials were making their way to the private rooms. She walked into the exhibition room. There were already several people in the booths, already frozen in an assortment of poses from mildly surprised to outright horny, and ready to show the world. She watched as one woman climbed into a booth. She was a fit young lady, wearing a little two-piece red silk outfit. Pamela sat down at one of the couches and watched. This seemed to please the woman. She looked down at her and smiled coquettishly. She popped the top of the vial, lifted it in a toast and quaffed it down. Pamela lifted her glass and toasted back. The woman took a few deep breaths and grew flushed. She began fingering her breasts through her top with one hand, and rubbing her sex with the other. She looked out at Pamela and grew more excited. Pamela got a bit flushed as well just from the watching. The woman slipped off her top and took a deep breath. A light sheen of sweat was breaking across her breasts. She slipped down her skirt, baring herself completely.

Pamela was quite interested now. She began stroking the rim of her glass and licking her lips. The woman brought herself to orgasm quickly, moaning and leaning against the glass. After she did, she began to look a bit different. The sweat took a shinier cast, making her look more varnished than sweaty. Looking back, she maneuvered her way to the pole, sliding her bottom down onto one of the probes with a moan. She began to have trouble moving. Her motions grew slower, but the energy behind her movements grew more frenzied. Like a person trying harder and harder to move a weight growing progressively heavier, she kept trying to pleasure herself. Her fingers ticked slower and slower across her body. At the last moment, she forced her eyes open, locked gaze with Pamela and…froze. It took Pamela a few moments to notice she wasn't moving; she couldn't draw away from her eyes. It was a look of such complete…ecstasy.

She stood up and walked to the glass. The woman had not moved, she was still staring at the spot on the sofa where Pamela had been sitting. Her ass was touching the bar, the probe in all the way. Her chest was moving…but barely. It was the most arousing thing Pamela had ever seen. She looked back at the couch and saw that a young man had hastily taken the spot she had vacated, and was staring at the frozen woman. He opened his pants, exposed himself and began masturbating. She did not respond, but he did. He stroked himself to stiffness, never breaking gaze with her, giving her a show as she was doing so to him.

Pamela left them to themselves She walked carefully into the participation room. The room was filled with people in various states of dress and mobility. Some were lying in chairs and on tables, already frozen. Others had already found partners. In the back of the room, a woman was being ridden by a man, and both were starting to stiffen up. He was sliding into her with some difficulty, and she was straining to say "Ffffffaasssssterrrr…."

There was a man with her back to her. His shiny skin showed he had already stiffened up. She had to see…she walked over and stroked his back. It was as smooth as it was shiny, like glass. The musculature was firm, but still gave to a gentle squeeze. She grew aroused by the feel, and stroked and massaged the shoulders with both hands. Looking down, she noticed a beauty mark on his shoulder blade, and gasped. She came around to face and gasped again.

"Mike!" she said, for indeed it was. He was laying on a low-back chaise lounge, legs open, hand at the base of his member, which was swollen to a level she'd never seen him at before. He had a come-hither look on his face that practically dared you to use him. Well, Pamela had never passed on dare before. She leaned down to look him in the face. "Well, you said I might meet up with you later." She stroked him a bit. God, even his cock had that smooth feeling. It felt wonderful. She went down on him before she could think of it. He didn't react visibly, but the sharp salty taste on her tongue told her he was enjoying what she was doing.

She pulled away and looked at him. His cock was all wet now, making it look shinier than before. She took told of his hand and pulled at it tentatively. It moved in her grip. She pulled it off his cock and moved the arm to the side. His hand stayed posed as if wrapped around himself. She climbed up on the chaise and lifted her skirt. Her panties were already wet, practically transparent. She fingered herself, both through and under the cloth. She made sure she was in the range of his vision as she did so. Finally she pulled the soggy cloth aside, exposing her lips, and slid down slowly onto him. God he was so big…she moaned quietly and almost lost her balance. Her hands flew forwards, onto his chest. His nipples, hard as diamonds, tickled her palms. She took him in all the way, riding him happily. After a few pumping motions, she quite forgot it was a man she was fucking, just using him as a big plastic sex doll. It was an amazing feeling. When he finally came, she had completely forgotten he could. She screamed at the throbbing gush inside her, and responded in kind. She kept riding him after the climax. He still stayed hard…obviously, she thought to herself. She pleasured herself a bit more, leaned down to kiss him, and slid up and off.

Well, she'd watched, she'd used…in for a penny, in for a pound. She walked back to the entrance and asked one of the attendants for a vial. He provided it with a smile. She thanked him and made her way back. She saw Rebecca (the girl from the presentation) had been brought back into the exhibition room. Several of the investors had been watching her. She suddenly took a long deep breath. Her hand jerked back into life, rubbing and fingering herself with increasing speed and dexterity. She rubbed herself to climax quickly and moaned happily. There was a light smattering of applause as she opened the door to the booth and stepped out. She was swamped by questions; how does it feel, how often do you come here, would you like to go to a private room? Pamela decided to leave her alone, and made her way to the back again.

Mike was still there. She saw there was a couch right across from him. She stripped slowly, set her clothes neatly on a table and lay on the couch, facing him. She popped the vial open and sniffed it. It smelled like very strong cream soda. She sipped it down. It felt warm going down, like a glass of strong wine. The warmth hit her stomach and spread quickly. She felt the blood rush to her sex. She grew flushed, and she started fingering herself. All she had seen tonight had gotten her aroused already, but now it was on another level. Her whole body tingled, and she was already building to another orgasm. She looked across at Mike. He had not moved, but through this fog of excitement, he looked even more alluring than before. She drove herself to further ministrations, but realized slowly that she was having a progressively harder time of it. She looked down at her breasts. They were starting to grow shiny. The realization both frightened and aroused her further. She looked at Mike and tried to keep going. She moved less and less, but she was by now so aroused, the merest touch was enough to driver her on. But soon, she couldn't even muster that. Like the last tick of a clock, she made a last little shivering moan…and stopped.

It was like being asleep, with her eyes open. From her frozen point of view, she could see people moving around the room. Their actions seemed sped up, like she was watching a film at just a slightly wrong speed. If someone was moving quickly, they actually had trails. She felt disjointed and out of phase with the world. It was like being drugged or just a little drunk, but gloriously different.

She saw a few people awaken from their frozen spells, jerking stiffly and almost always going straight to masturbating, to relieve the sexual pressure that was trapped inside them. A few people came and examined her, squeezing and probing her. She expected to feel shocked, but she didn't. It was more like she was flattered, honored that they found her sexy. Perhaps that was the waves of sexual pleasure their touches gave her talking.

After a while (a long pleasant while) she saw Mike inhale sharply and stir. She watched him carefully. He did some stretching exercises, working every muscle he could. The shiny coating on his skin cracked and flaked. He rubbed it off where he could; it fell off him like Christmas snow, glittering to the ground. He looked at Pamela and smiled. He moved towards her slowly. "I see you couldn't resist," he said smiling. His voice echoed in her head. "I hope you don't mind if I break you in."

"God, YES!" she wanted to scream. The sight of him above her, stroking himself, inches from her wet warm sex was maddening. She watched him slide into herself, and in her mind, she screamed. The stuff made her lips firmer, and as he entered her, the walls of her sex were forced aside. It was the pleasurable opposite of when you stretch out a cramp-the cells of the muscles screaming to remain locked in place, stretching, stretching, and then the warm rush as they give up and relax, exhausted. Plus he was still as big and hard as he was before, which didn't hurt. "Maybe he poured some extra on his dick, the sadist," she thought to herself. That was about all she was able to get in before he started pumping in earnest, using her body in the same selfless, I'm-all-alone way she'd used his. It was indescribable. She couldn't even think coherently, just fractured animalistic sound effects. He came after an eternity, and for an eternity. She responded in a feeble way physically, but in her mind she thrashed and screamed and begged for more and laughed and cried and so much more.

Mike smiled and pulled out, wiped off and sat in a chair. Some minutes later, Pamela burst out of her shell, forcing herself to massive action as soon as she realized she could move. She dove for him…slipped, and fell to the floor, weak and exhausted.

Mike knelt next to her smiling. "I should have told you," he said, stroking her hair, "it's a good idea to move slowly first. Act like you just woke up."

"You…little…shit." She panted, trying to laugh. "Wait till…I…can hit you."

"Come on, you saw how everybody else was doing it." He lifted her up and lay back on the couch. He started massaging her, outward in-hands, wrists, arms, feet, calves, thighs. "Let me get the blood flowing again."

This felt wonderful. Pamela felt better already, and didn't even notice she was fingering herself again. He did, and helped. Together they brought to climax one more time, and this time she was able to vocalize her joy, and so she did. She got some polite applause from some onlookers. She blushed, rose, and collected her clothes.

Even though investors were able to visit the club free of charge, Pamela always insisted on paying, even after she became a full partner. She had a simple rule about not mooching off the company, whether it was pencils or nights of illicit sex. "Besides," she joked to Mike, "if I came here as often as I wanted, I'd run this place into the ground single handed."

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I love this story. Makes me want to participate.

 Post subject: Re: Le Club Plastique
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That is a great story, if only....

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