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 Post subject: Story idea, but no direction
PostPosted: Wed Mar 27, 2013 8:15 pm 

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I am currently trying to make a story, but I'm not sure how to go about it.
The plot is simple enough. There are two female friends, one who has a
boyfriend, who I'll just call 'the girlfriend', the other friend, also known
as 'the victim', starts dating the girlfriend's boyfriend, behind her back.

The girlfriend sees this happen, and starts plotting her revenge.
Knowing his fascination with love dolls, the girlfriend plans to trick the
victim into putting on a special tight-fitting love doll suit that will
effectively turn her into one.

The 'special' dollsuit's mechanics are, that once put on, the suit tightens
around the body, making it skin-tight, then fuses with it, so it becomes the
'doll's' new skin. The back-zipper fuses with the suit and virtually dissapears.
The suit comes with a wireless tranceiver, two special contacts, that when
switched on by the tranceiver, allow the new doll to see what's in front of
her, without actually seeing at all. It also comes with two plastic earbuds,
that work the same way as the contacts, only, for the ears.

The idea is of the story is, the girlfriend asks the victim to come over to
her house, for some ideas on how to throw a good birthdray party for her
boyfriend. She then offers her a drink, laced with a sleeping drug, designed
to knock her out, just long enough for the girlfriend to place the victim in
the doll suit. When the victim is asleep, the girlfriend then undresses her,
places the contacts in her eyes, the earbuds in her ears, some tape to cover
her mouth, so she can't talk; and for her eyes, so she can't open them.

She then manouvers her into the special dollsuit, does up the zipper, and
watches as the suit goes to work. When the suit has finally fused with the
the victim's skin, the girlfriend picks her up her and moves her into a
pre-made padded room.

When the victim regains consiousness, she stresses out, given her situation.
She can move freely, but that is all, she can't yell for help, because of her
taped mouth, she can't hear anything, because of the soundproof earbuds. and

She then futily attempts to remove the suit.
It takes about a week to break what little pride she had left.
Just in time for the girlfriend to give her boyfriend his 'special'
birthday present.

What I also need is: A title for the story; and names for the other two
characters, (Maddie is the victim).

Thanks :D

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