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dollification: the process of evolving, mentally and physically, into a "living doll."
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 Post subject: Dollification Story by Miss Mannequin
PostPosted: Sun May 05, 2013 3:25 pm 

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Hi there,

I have written this story for a slave of mine and wanted to share it with you. Be warned that it is about forced dollification, and very graphic in parts, so if this kind of thing isn't you for you, please don't continue reading :)

Hope you enjoy... feedback welcomed!

Miss M x

Naughty Dolly
By Miss Mannequin

The heat was deep and total. All that could be heard was the painful smack of silence. The Dolly blinked..... well tried to blink.... It's eyes dead yet anxious, glass within puce plastic. It tried to breathe, but there was only heat and claustrophobia to thrive upon. It took little panicky breaths and tried to take in its surroundings.

Complete darkness. Complete sensory vacuum. Complete nothing.

How had it got here? The Dolly tried to remember... Not an easy task without a brain. It recalled mere snippets of recent occurrences.. flashes of a flawless face, Doll-House Pink lips and gigantic, sweeping lashes. Perfection. So how did that lead to now? The Dolly's almost archaic silence was instantly interrupted. If it wanted answers, it was going to get them now.
Light. Blinding light. The Dolly's glassy eyes almost shrank back in piercing agony. It soon realised that there was some kind of lid being removed from above. It attempted to move but realised it's limbs were bound tight, as if posed in the box. Suddenly, The Dolly's eye mask was fully removed, enabling it to clearly see for the first time.

Then a face. That face. That visage of pure perfection, hovering like an angel above in the disorientating light. The face was smiling with those perfectly glossed lips, the crystal blue eyes twinkling in obvious delight.

"Hello Dolly!" emanated from this vision.

The Dolly tried to move its mouth, but realised it was impossible. It's mouth didn't feel like a mouth, there was no moisture or sense of taste. It felt like a dead, vacant hole for which was solely there for someone else's use. But who.... and why?

"Let's get you fed and changed first!" came that voice again.

The Dolly's limbs were untied. Relief flooded through the aching and pulsating sinews of it's body, yet anxiousness replaced it. What would become of it now? It slowly realised that it's skin was now being peeled from it's very body.... but there was no pain... just relief as fresh cool air engulfed it's sensitive form. It was then lifted up, balancing on it's seemingly useless limbs, and only then could The Dolly fully take in it's surroundings.

A large bedroom; pink and a tad garish, everything seemed to be almost child-like but in rather a kitsch way. Lots of frills and bows and cutesy things. The Dolly glanced around, trying to absorb as much of the wonder yet horror, as possible. It felt like it needed answers, but didn't know why. Everything was just simply startling. There was a shelf running along the longest wall, and on that shelf sat rows and rows of Dolls. All different types.... endless empty eyes staring..... the sickly sweet smell of rubber hanging in the air.

Then a corner... and The Dolly found itself in a bathroom, an ornate and pristine bathroom, once again a lurid shade of pink. It was then forced into the bathtub, to which a sudden ice cold jet of water was sprayed upon it's tender exterior.

"Dolly must be clean!" came the shrill voice, along with a snort of laughter. Suddenly, The Dolly became brutally awake it was naked. It was as if the shocking temperature of the water had stirred up some sort of self-awareness, feeling.... maybe even memories.

Then it all came back. Like a car crash of realisation. It was once Human! It had all started with a yearning and a desire to be treated this way. But somehow it had become a reality... and it was all down to this figure standing there, spraying jets of water, laughing almost manically, dressed in a pink rubber halter-neck dress and tottering on sky-high pink stilettos.
It was like a dream and nightmare all rolled into one. It was just a fantasy, right? But this was suddenly starting to feel so real. The Dolly's Human senses were starting to return, it could even smell the sweet scent of Chanel Cristalle, the fragrance worn by this vision of power and beauty that was standing before it's seemingly pathetic, nude and dripping body.
The Dolly was then lead out of the bath and onto a soft pink fluffy mat, to which it was toweled dry and talcum powder puffed on. The Lady In Pink leaned in close and smiled.

"There you go, Dolly. Nice and fresh. Now it's feeding time."

Back in the beautiful bedroom, The Dolly felt it needed to communicate, to ask why, and how... it needed to know how it's imprisoning came about, and how long it was for. Could it be forever? That thought excited The Dolly so much that it felt a stirring, a swelling, a kind of tingly warmth spread over it's lower parts. It opened it's mouth to attempt to talk... and to find out what was going on.


"Shut up little doll bitch!"

The Lady In Pink then lifted up her tight latex skirt and yanked down her panties, pulling them off over her stilettos and then shoving them hard in The Dolly's mouth. As it gulped in shock, it inhaled the peachy scent of The Lady's immaculate pussy, and could almost taste her sugar with every breath.

"Dollies DON'T talk!"

The Dolly nodded in shame. Who was it for thinking it was a human, had any rights, had any worth? It needed to learn how to be the best Dolly it could be, so it knew it needed to listen and do as it was told.

"I am your Mistress, in case you had dared forget. I am Miss Mannequin. I am a real Doll. I am going to teach you how to be a real Doll too. So do NOT struggle or even try and resist. As although I may look nice, I am severely fucked up!"

With that, The Dolly was turned around and pushed against a wall, legs forced apart, it's arms were shackled to hooks in the wall. Suddenly, it felt consumed with a burning, relentless pain. The Lady, or as it now knew to be Miss Mannequin, flicked a switch and The Dolly's legs buckled. Electric shocks pulsated internally and it ejaculated with a furious splatter on the floor.

"Look what you've done now you dirty whore doll!" Miss Mannequin squealed, removing the Electro-Stim device from deep within The Dolly and tossing it aside. The Dolly tried to reply but as it's useless mouth was filled with panties, it was impossible. An inflatable Butt Plug was then swiftly put in place, making it's desperate eyes fill with tears.

"Now to get you dressed up all pretty again like the slut you are!"

Miss Mannequin opened a wardrobe. The Dolly turned it's head and looked in awe through teary eyes. A row of 'skins' were hanging neatly next to each other, different colours and materials. Some were normal Human skin colour, but others were hideous and shameful, such as some Reptilian-style skin. The Dolly shuddered - if it had to live this life then it wanted to be beautiful at least, to try and mimic it's owner, possibly to please her more?

To it's relief, Miss Mannequin selected a pale pink skin, made of tight shiny PVC. She brought it over and forced The Dolly's trembling legs into it, covering human flesh with new, squeaky, gleaming Dolly Skin. It's arms were released from the shackles and sealed in the skin, and a pretty Dolly mask was placed on it's head.

"Now I am going to feed you, so drink it all up like a good little baby slut!"

The Dolly was then lead back into it's box, arms and legs wired down tightly. Miss Mannequin pumped up the plug until it was just ever so slightly uncomfortable it's virgin hole. She giggled to herself knowing that there's no way Dolly would be sleeping tonight!

"Is Dolly hungry?"

A bottle was placed at The Dolly's pouting plastic mouth. It latched on, not realising quite how hungry it was, and eagerly accepting the creamy milky substance from the teat. The Dolly reeled in shock as the 'milk' was thick and salty, not at all what it expected. It gagged as the teat was forced deeper and deeper in, the liquid swilling down, choking and drowning.

"Good Dolly. Drink it up like the little cum slut you are."

Horror took over The Dolly, it froze in time in the pure shock and realisation as to what it was being force fed. It's screams were muffled by the gag and pipe then placed over it's face, and then totally silenced by the replacement of the feeding bottle over the pipe.

Miss Mannequin's smile was the last thing that The Dolly saw, as she pumped up the Butt Plug to maximum capacity, and closed the lid of the box, blowing a kiss as she did so.......

 Post subject: Re: Dollification Story by Miss Mannequin
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I really liked this story. It was both cute and naughty all at the same time :)

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