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 Post subject: Becky's Barbies *recent story I am still adding to*
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Chapter 1: Caught

“Oh my Gosh!” shrieked Sarah. “What happened to us?”

Sarah, Taylor, Christina, and Kayla all looked around frantically, trying to figure out what just happened to them. Everything appeared to be fifty times bigger. The now six-inch tall girls were freaking out.

“I think we’ve shrunk,” Kayla pointed out.

“But how?” replied Christina. “That’s impossible!”

Just then, the sound of thundering footsteps caught the four girl’s attention. They screamed in unison as they all looked up to find a giant ‘little’ girl, coming their way. She appeared to be about ten years old, with blonde hair and light eyes. She was fairly skinny and was fashionably dressed.

The little doll-sized girls were too scared to move, huddling close to one another for comfort. It was only a matter of seconds until the giant girl would finally reach them, and the tiny girls prayed that they wouldn’t be stepped on.

The giant girl looked down, and instantly stopped. She gasped at the site of the four terrified girls beneath her. “Little People!”

She bent down and reached for the four friends, who screamed and tried to run. They ran into one another, desperate to save their own selves, but it was too late. With both hands out, the giant girl grabbed two of the doll-sized girls, as Taylor and Christina were whisked away into the air. They screamed and struggled to break free, but the grip was much too strong. They were soon brought up to the giant girl’s grinning face, frightened more than ever.

“Gotcha!” shrieked the girl triumphantly, holding her prizes in either hand.

Taylor and Christina said nothing, unsure of what to do now. Below, Sarah and Kayla stopped and looked up. They feared what would happen to their two friends as they waited anxiously.

“You two are neat!” exclaimed the girl happily. “My name is Becky. We’re going to have so much fun together!”

“Please put us down!” yelled Taylor. “Let us go!”

“Sorry, but you’re mine now. I can’t wait to bring you dolls home!”

“We’re not dolls! We’re hum—

“I think someone already needs a timeout,” Becky pointed out, interrupting Taylor. “Dollies need to be on their best behavior. I need to put you away for now.”

“Wait! No!”

But it was no use, as the giant girl deposited the tiny Taylor into her left jeans pocket. The thick denim fabric muffled Taylor’s screams of help and protest. Becky then focused her attention back onto Christina and smiled.

“She was getting annoying, but not you because you’re a good girl.”

Christina said nothing, as she looked up at Becky horrified. She was unable to take in what just happened.

“You look scared,” continued Becky. “But don’t worry. I’ll take good care of you. I always do with my Barbies.”

Christina put two and two together and realized her blonde hair and blue eyes made her out to be the perfect representation of a Barbie doll. She prayed she would be put down, but that seemed impossible at this point.

“What’s your name?” asked Becky, shortly after.

“Chr-Christina,” the little blonde hesitantly replied. “And that was my friend Taylor you just put in your pocket.”

“Aww, well she’s going to be okay, your little friend. But I’m more interested in you anyway. You are just the cutest thing ever!”

“Uh thank you?” said a put off Christina.

Becky giggled. “You look just like a Barbie doll. I think you were meant to be one.”

“Wait, what?”

Becky giggled again and this time clasped Christina to her chest. The little blonde girl was pushed up against Becky’s body, barely unable to struggle. She felt a hand come behind her, as it began to rub down her back. A couple of digits stroked her hair, then down to her back again. Becky patted Christina’s butt a few times, giggling all the while.

“Don’t worry,” assured Becky. “Becky’s gonna take good care of her Christina doll.”

Christina, hearing this, was unable to do anything. She was stunned but was unable to protest or move. She would just have to accept her fate for now. Just then, Becky stopped stroking her new doll and looked down. She could hear the tiny cries for help down below belonging to Kayla and Sarah, who were both trying to get the giant girl’s attention.

“Oh I almost forgot there were more dollies for me!” shouted Becky. She pulled Christina away from her and smiled at the tiny blonde. “Sorry cutie, but I have to put you away for now. I promise we’ll play more later,” she concluded, bringing Christina up to her lips and giving her a big kiss.

Then she deposited the little blonde into her other pocket for safekeeping. Christina tried to get comfortable inside the denim pouch, trying to stand up even, but was suddenly forced back down as Becky’s fingers intruded the pocket. Those same fingers patted the pocket, making it more secure.

Becky turned her attention onto the other two tiny girls and smiled brightly. She bent down and reached out for the doll size girls, who shrieked and tried to make a run for it. Becky managed to grab a hold of Sarah’s leg, and tugged the screaming doll girl into the air upside down. Kayla turned around to locate her friend, but instead was met by Becky’s other hand, as the massive fingers curled around her waist.

Both girls were whisked away into the air and brought in front of Becky’s giant face. Sarah was turned right side up before Becky addressed them.

“Well, well, well,” said Becky sinisterly. “What do we have here? Two more dolls to add to my collection.” She giggled. Not wanting to hear any protest, Becky placed either thumb over the girls’ mouth. “I think we should head back to my place so I can play with all of you.”

The two girls tried to protest but were unable to say anything. They could barely move and were even more horrified when Becky leaned in and gave the two teens a big kiss on the top of their heads.

Becky located her purse and deposited the two screaming girls into it, urging them to stay put until they got home. Then she closed the purse, leaving the girls in total darkness.

Chapter 2 soon

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