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New idea
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Author:  princessbambi [ Sun Mar 19, 2017 8:31 pm ]
Post subject:  New idea

This is an idea I'm working on right now involves a doll tf. A girl has this look a like twin doll....I grew up in the late 90s and we actually had these super expensive dolls that you could buy customized to look like you.....anyway she's all grown up now and ready to get rid of her old stuff and the doll takes revenge on her for forgetting about her by making them switch places.

Prior to the transformation, Marissa would notice small changes at first (i. e. her doll not being in the same place she left it), gradually leading up to eventually her walking in while the doll is moving and the two being able to communicate. Marissa's parents would also at some point notice that she's talking to the doll, and thinks she's acting out due to stress since only Marissa can see and hear her doll.

Marissa would eventually confide in her boyfriend and long time childhood crush that the doll is alive and is trying to seek revenge on her. He's concerned about her, but doesn't believe her- even after the two spend the night in her room and the doll ends up in a different spot then before.

Marissa's doll also tells her that her other old toys feel the same way, as she would see them come to life, and then the doll says "we're going to make you one of us". After the switch, Marissa can move in secret just like the doll could and can communicate with the doll turned human. But of course Marissa would also try to desperately reach out to her family and friends, which would lead the new doll turned Marissa to stop her.

In terms of other relationships, maybe the new Marissa would go after the girl who became Marissa's best friend and caused her to stop liking dolls. Not too sure yet

Any thoughts or feedback is appreciated!

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